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Genre Death
Year formed 1994
Home Town Auckland
Country New Zealand

Vassafor began coalescing in Southern Abyss in MCMXCIV. Songs materialized via V.Kusabs and D.Lomas before change and circumstance pulled Vassafor into slumber for a number of years.

In MMIV the Vassaforian dreadnaught reawakened. After demos, a 7" and MMVII's self titled EP, Vassafor solidified as B.Parker joined

Obsidian Codex was released by Parasitic Records on double LP in late MMXII. Cassette was to have been released via Demonized (R.I.P Avaejee), now being released via Parasitic. 

A compendium of selected earlier and unreleased material was released via Dark Descent records entitled Elegy of the Archeonaut on CD. The double LP coercion is currently available for Pre Order now via Dark Descent

Latest release has been a split LP with Sinistrous Diabolus on Iron Bonehead ProductionsNext release is another split, also on Iron Bonehead, with Temple Nightside. 

After this, a live to air broadcast from the US tour of MMXII is to be released via Psychedelic Lotus Order entitled Death Transmission. This is the KFJC recording via 

2nd full length in MMXV....expect Obsidian Black Metal, to the fuckin death!

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22/02/2015 London Ascension