Band Details


Genre Rock
Year formed 2005
Home Town Cardiff
Country Wales

Defining some bands is hard. Defining Kyshera is impossible. "Yet for once, a band who's declaration that they're revolutionary innovators might just be right!", agree's Classic Rock Magazine. Instead of trying to squeeze into an existing musical scene, Kyshera simply invented their own. A scene with no limits and no rules. So they invented the term 'Konic' to mean 'Anything which is otherwise indefinable and defies categorisation' and that is how you define this band.

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24/04/2015 Selby Kyshera
23/04/2015 Nottingham Kyshera
18/04/2015 London Kyshera
17/04/2015 Harlow Kyshera
16/04/2015 Brighton Kyshera
15/04/2015 Cardiff Kyshera