Band Details

This Deafening Whisper

Genre Metal
Year formed 2011
Home Town Paris
Country France

Formed in Paris, France in 2011, THIS DEAFENING WHISPER drew inspiration from the current hardcore, metal and pop-rock scene, and quickly forged themselves a unique identity by melding these influences and breathing in a cinematic touch of their own.

With just one EP and an album "Duodecim" released in 2013, TDW made his mark in the European scene and their name quickly became synonymous with dazzlingly theatrical videos as well as high-voltage live performances (thanks to countless shows around France and Europe alongside with Becoming the Archetype, Betraying the Martyrs, Chunk ! No Captain Chunk, Suicide Silence...) 

2014 marked a milestone in TDW's career with the arrival of Mark as a 6th member, introduced to the world with "Hourglass", their new critically acclaimed single. It showcases the band exploring a wider and more diverse musical spectrum and leaves us begging for more of what's yet to come...

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