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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2010
Home Town Leicester
Country England

Mage. Five unholy wizards compelled by the power of the riff and dark, dark magic. Forged in dragons fire atop a lightning lashed mountain in the year of our Lord two thousand and ten. Rumbling riffs combined with finely hewn words of power to conjure up images of otherwordly things creeping forth from the darkest reccesses... *ahem* ...Sorry about that... If you have a low "fantastical bullshit" threshold, we're basically five guys who've been around in a variety of bands over the years, brought together by a shared love of "THEE RIFF" and a desire to jam and see what happens. Turns out that what happens is a Stoner/Doomy/Metal type thing, but with a whole bunch of other elements thrown in. First studio EP released in 2011 and first full album recorded 2012. Come worship at the altar...

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