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Genre Death
Year formed 2014
Home Town Liverpool
Country England

Exhumation, a 5-piece Death Metal band from Merseyside, England.

Formed by Chris, Ryan and Cam after departing from Coronach due to clashes between them and other band mates, and formed a nameless band in late August 2014 involving the 3 of them.
Whilst looking for a 2nd guitarist through auditions, the 3 picked up Kieran, and this audition was the place where the first song, "Flatline", was written.  A week passed and Liam was invited into the band after a discussion between Ryan and Chris about who to get on drums.  His first practice was when he made the statement "Sorry lads, I'm a little Rusty, haven't played in ages, this'll probably be shit," and then played Flatline perfectly and made it even more technical than intended, but giving it something else.  From this moment on the band discovered their sound, and knew what path to take.  This led to the first gig being the co-headliner of Grinchfest underneath KryoCell on December 21st.

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