Band Details

Guts For Glory

Genre Metal
Year formed 2014
Home Town Wolverhampton
Country West Midlands

The band started properly in Summer 2014 as the brainchild of legendary guitarist James Gould. During his college days he witnessed Dan McNally's skills behind the kit, and instantly knew that was the drummer he needed to lay down the groove for his band. After 2 years of searching, and auditioning for other members they finally managed to pull the band together and here we are today! After trying out a few vocalists, it was time for Ricky Spanish (ex Paraletica) to come in and blow everyone's minds with his incredible voice after a spontaneous conversation with Dan at the pub. Next to join the fold was the aggressive bass stylings of Chris Muzz (ex Malacite / Generations (metal covers band)), and completing the all star line up is the impossibly tight guitar work from Wayne Mann (ex Iron Knights, Paraletica, Chemikill). It has taken a while, but now the balance between skill, professionalism, passion and humour has been found and formed into a well oiled metal machine!

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14/03/2015 Birmingham Mr Blade PresentsGuts For Glory