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Genre Metal
Year formed 2013
Country Poland

We are AfterLife, our band was born out of an ex-Kruk vocalist - Tomasz Wi?niewski's idea and a long-standind collaboration of guitarist Krzysztof Hofler, and bassist Daniel Woszczek.
We've always been fans of the 80's and 90's metal bands, such like: Megadeth, Carcass, Death, Coroner, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Annihilator Dio, and King Diamond, that are the main source of our inspirations.
We've came out with an concept of creating a band, that will keep the spirit of past time and bring something completely new.Our lyrical theme hold firmly to the matters of life and death, the visions of imagination, reflections and other metaphysical stuff.
In 2013 we've put our first demo on the web.After a year our line-up was finally complete with Marcin Korzekwa, joining us on drums. The immediate result of this was an EP, called the "Chains of Death".

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