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Genre Death
Year formed 2007
Home Town Helsinki
Country Finland

Maveth’s march towards total death started at the end of year 2007 with the purpose to make brutal death metal mixed with blasphemous elements of black metal. Founding members of the band were Ville Markkanen, Mikko Karvinen, Mikko Argillander and ChristButcher from Denver Colorado, who is also known from the bands Dethroned and Excommunion.

Beginning of the year 2009 Maveth went through a member change when Mikko Argillander was removed from the line up. Christbutcher moved from bass to guitar duties and the bass slot was replaced with Jani Nupponen.

2010: "Of Serpent and Shadow" EP was released on vinyl by Swedish label called Blood Harvest and on tape by Aural Offerings from France. Also limited amount of self-released CDs where made from "Of Serpent and Shadow" and "Impious Servant" albums.

2011: Nuclear Winter Records from Greece released "Breath of an Abomination" which includes previous releases "Of Serpent and Shadow" and "Impious Servant" on same CD.

2012: Debut full length album "Coils of the Black Earth" was released on CD and vinyl by Dark Descent Records from USA.

2014: Split album with Embrace of Thorns was released on CD and vinyl by Dark Descent Records. This unholy union contains three new songs from both bands.

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