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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2014
Home Town London
Country England

Ossiyan are a London based band who formed in the summer of 2014. From early rehearsals it became clear that the band wanted to try something beyond the conventional parameters of heavy metal music. Combining traditional stoner/doom riffs with mountain sized drums, spoken verse and powerful vocals.

The band have recently returned from the Midlands where they recorded their first release 'Hardrada' at Hellfire Studios. 

This first record captures the bands intensity and direction, depicting the story of Harald Hardrada, the last Viking King.  

Taking inspiration from a vast range of heavy music, classical texts, paintings and the ancient world, the band deliver a powerful blend of historical doom.  

Currently working on their next creation, Ossiyan are looking to further stretch their ideas of sound and live performance creating an impassioned display of music on epic proportions.

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23/04/2015 London Brule