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Genre Death
Year formed 2013
Home Town Hertfordshire
Country England

Draugr first formed in June 2013 with Shea "Janne" Mackay, Max Hummerstone and James Kelly. A short time after formation Max left. After half a year the remaining founding members of Draugr decided a genre. The band went through various name changes. Firstly Draugr's Moon, Then Draugr's Child before finally becoming Draugr in late summer 2014. The band got it's name from Janne reading a book about norsemythology. He discovered The Blueback Draugr, Janne studied The Blueback Draugr into more detail and later in time Draugr was born. In early January 2015 Maxim joined Draugr as a Rhythm Guitarist and in March 2015 Max rejoined Draugr as their Bassist.

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15/05/2015 Hitchin Gevaudan