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Lock and Key

Genre Hardcore
Year formed 2013
Country England

Lock & Key formed in late 2013 by members Richard Lardner, Danny Reeves, Nathan Waller, Ben Wright and Josh Murphy. Following a near-death illness from vocalist Richard Lardner, Lock & Key was created from a collaboration of like-minded musicians from around the UK.

Lock & Key create relatable material through experiences of the band members which are both lyrically and musically evocative. The first single "So Alone" was released in February 2014. The band started to rapidly gain interest from fans around the world and by May 2014 the band had already toured the UK and Europe.

Whilst still in their infancy, Lock & Key have already shared the stage with the likes of Deez Nuts, Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward, Funeral For A Friend and many more.

Lock & Key released their debut EP 'The Divide' in September 2014 via Small Town Records.

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