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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2010
Home Town Leeds
Country England

The foundations for what eventually became Corinth were laid back in 2010 when guitarist Ben Corkhill (Bong Cauldron, Oakenshield) and bassist Tom Clayton started writing riffs and jamming together, taking inspiration from the crushing sounds of the Georgia sludge scene coming from across the pond. 

Finally deciding to get things moving, they added close friend Andy Baron on drums and second guitarist Vanessa Murray (ex-Severed Heaven) before recording a three-track demo in 2013. 

Many metal bands claim to be genre-blending, but Corinth truly are a band that cannot be pigeon-holed. With big stoner riffs and Mastodon-style guitar harmonies, combining with a bleakness reminiscent of the likes of Burzum, Corinth have a unique sound that is creating a lot of buzz on the Leeds scene.

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