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Genre Black
Year formed 2005
Home Town Stockholm
Country Sweden

Lifelover's last concert was performed in Rotterdam on September 11, 2011 in B's memory, two days after his passing. The band was planning on playing another show on October 14, 2011, dedicated to B, but later decided against it, laying the band to rest out of respect to him since he was "the main composer" in the band.

In September 2012, founding member Kim along with former Lifelover band members Henrik, Fixand P. chose to continue the band's memory by founding another project known as Kall.

In order to celebrate Lifelover's 10th anniversary and B.'s memory, Kim and other members from Kall played some shows in the second half of 2015 stating that they won't ever record anything under Lifelover's name.

While Lifelover's primary genre has always been black metal, the band would always cross the genre with other influences including post-punk, pop, progressive rock, doom metal and dark ambient.

The Dekadens EP is the only Lifelover record not to feature a drum machine. Non was the drummer who played on it.

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