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Genre Death
Year formed 2007
Home Town Nottingham
Country England

Spawned in A.D. 2007 by Guitarist TK (Akarusa Yami/Insidious) Drummer Chris Pinkett and Vocalist Pat MacDonald, Cacodaemonic quickly began creating unholy, vitriolic music that fused neo-classical and Middle-Eastern styles, with scathing doses of blackened death metal.

The 'Neither God, Nor Master' EP, of 2009, launched them onto the extreme music scene and saw them share the stage with such luminaries as Defeated Sanity and Chthonic, gaining them notoriety in the underground scene. 

Following on from ‘Neither God…’ the band began frantically writing material for their follow up EP 'Forever Devouring The Righteous', in which time they recruited Bassist Jake Bennett (Akarusa Yami) into the lineup. ‘Forever…’ picks up exactly where ‘Neither God…’ left off, with four tracks of unbridled venom hurtled a break neck speed towards a false messiah, along with the ideology and belief system enshrouding it. 

Released May 27th, it was recorded, mixed and produced by TK, with the cover cleverly inked by renowned graphic artist Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwave Art (Cradle Of Filth, My Dying Bride, Dark Throne).

In April 2014 after a few auditions, Tom was added to the lineup as 2nd guitarist. Having joined the fold, progress is now being made with writing of the debut album for an early 2015 release.

For all press queries please contact Tom Brumpton at or (+44) 7956 043498. For all other matters please contact Tom Clarke at or

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