Band Details

Pearl Handled Revolver

Genre Rock
Home Town Beds/Bucks/Cambs
Country England

Psychedelic Heavy Blues Rock!

Pearl Handled Revolver have the Blues. Not the slow, mournful Blues sat on a porch bemoaning hard luck, bad signs and ill fated liaisons at cross roads. Nor the 12 bars hammered into mediocrity and engrained like spilled beer and nicotine into the carpets of pubs up and down the country.

No. Pearl Handled Revolver peddle Blues that gatecrash your head and your heart and won't leave until you've abandoned all your inhibitions, sweated out the bad times, re-discovered the wild eyed stare of those utterly in the moment and danced, not because you wanted to, but because you had to.

The Blues isn't about history, safety, tradition and convention. It permeates everything. It's primal, visceral, raw and dirty and you WILL be moved.

Pearl Handled Revolver have the Blues. Come get some.

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02/10/2015 London Stray