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Cerebral Extinction

Genre Death
Year formed 2013
Country Italy

Cerebral Extinction was born in March 2013 at the behest of Shon and Malshum with the idea of a project brutal valid and interesting.Dagon as a drummer and soon are composed the songs in Promo 2013, which is recorded in early August in private practice Ciulaz minds of Synapses. After vicissitudes bass parts are recorded by Davide who later will officially enter into the band.Continue the drafting of the new songs and the first concerts including opener for Pighed, Carnal Decay, Katalepsy.Gig with Parasitic Ejaculation, Devangelic, Vulvectomy and some festivals including Lowlands Deathfest and Survivor Death Fest.October 7,2014 released the debut album "Inhuman Theory Of Chaos" for the Japanese label Ghastly Music. After some problems with the drummer we decided to stay in three elements with the presence of Paolo Kadath as session drummer for the show. 2015 will begin promoting the album live in Italy and abroad

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29/05/2016 Bristol SLAM FESTKorpse NL