Band Details

Colour Of Noise

Genre Rock
Year formed 2015
Home Town Brighton
Country England

Colour of Noise are a classic rock band from Brighton, England. We are steeped in the tradition of the late 60’s British blues boom and early 70’s stadium rock. 

You might know Colour of Noise singer Matt Mitchell from his band Furyon, or Randy Nixon on drums (Magic Bullet Band, Jeevas, Straw) and Bruce John Dickinson (Little Angels, b.l.o.w). It is our pleasure to introduce to you Dan Dlectro (aka Sweedish Dan, the Sweed, Dan The Man) and ‘Silent’ Ben Daniels on bass. 

The songs we write deal with issues of permanence, holding onto what is great in our lives (people and music), coming to terms with change (broken dreams, relationships), trying to retain a sense of yourself in a mad world, and escapism through rock n roll. 

The Noise we make is mostly powered by vintage equipment. Not because we’re that stuck on a principle, it just sounds better to our ears. So does recording in the old way. 

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

26/03/2016 Newcastle Toseland
25/03/2016 Glasgow Toseland
24/03/2016 Leeds Toseland
23/03/2016 Cambridge Toseland
22/03/2016 London Toseland
16/03/2016 Manchester Toseland
15/03/2016 Birmingham Toseland
14/03/2016 Cardiff Toseland
13/03/2016 Brighton Toseland