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Sons Of Morpheus

Genre Rock

The clash of the past and present can trigger many things... In the case of Sons of Morpheus, it has caused an energetic detonation. Manuel Bissig (guitar, vocals), Lukas Kurmann (bass) and Simon Gautsch (drums) have found the key to a new era, where the musical freedom of the 60s and 70s, combined with the sounds of today, have enabled something very special.
Raw and wild, like the earthshaking sound Hendrix, Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath let loose back in the day, Sons of Morpheus tear up the strings and beat the drums without giving the impression that time has stood still. The world may have changed but our minds have not. 
In this manner, Sons of Morpheus summon the ghost of the past and let it thrive in the present. Time is and remains relative. 

Sons of Morpheus impress with their interplay, improvisation and wild, infectious live shows that culminate in spaced out, excessive orgasms of sound. They left an impression at the Musexpo in Los Angeles ("band of the week") and recorded their new album with Jim Waters (Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Sonic Youth, etc.) in Tucson, AZ. With this new album, Sons of Morpheus are now ready to detonate on stages the world over.

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