Band Details

Sewer Trench

Genre Grind/Noise/Powerviolence
Year formed 2013
Home Town London
Country UK

Sewer Trench is a London based band formed in 2012 by three friends that got together few years earlier in a Slayer gig with the intention to do, what we call today as Crust Metal, an amalgamation of crust, grind and death, keeping a rustic old school feeling , punk minimalism, dirt distortion, ugly aesthetics and the anti-music grindcore ethos. The first formation counted with Marc (vocals 2012-14), Eins (guitar 2012-14), Kez (bass), Alex (drums), Eins left the band earlier in 2014 and Marc went to a better place (moved to Australia). Now we have Jay (Mothdrone, Death Valley Scars) on guitar/vocals, an addition that made the sound even more aggressive and with a strong Swedish crust influence. The lyrics content vary from typical the typical punk protest to lyirics influenced by Dadaism, Nihilism, Absurdism and Pessimism. We released a six tracks demo on the end of 2013 that you can hear on bandcamp.

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