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Genre Metal
Year formed 2015
Home Town London
Country England

Miky, Manu and Iacopo met in camden in a pizza stall in christmas of 2012 where miky was working, according to Miky Iacopo had the face of someone who plays (???).
It didn't take too long before this prototype trio started jamming togheter looking forward to add a couple of members to the band.
Lot of material was already written and recorded before the band even started, because of Iacopo's work started back since he was still living in italy, so they just started to crack on on that.
Two months later Alexi Khoury joined the band as lead guitar player and some months later finally Filippo took the position of bass player giviong to Miky the freedom of being completely focused on vocals.
After one year Alexi and Sutalkerah parted ways because of the impossibility of working togheter in the same direction.
James Richards showed up some months later taking Alexi's position and bringing fresh energy and positive attitude inside the family.
And it's all about energy in Sutalkerah.
All the members have years of experience in very different background, and the mix of all this it's is making Sutalkerah a very different band in the local scene,
now it's just a matter of "Taking over" London....

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