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Circus Maximus

Genre Prog/Tech/Djent
Year formed 2000
Home Town Oslo
Country Norway

Formed in 2000 and initially being a covers band,  they gained much credit for their versions of technically challenging tracks by top bands such as Dream Theater and Symphony X, and then started writing their own material for their first album "The 1st Chapter" which was released in May 2005. Further albums followed; these being "Isolate" released in August 2007 and "Nine" released in June 2012, before "Havoc" was released in March 2016.

The band is made up of vocalist Michael Eriksen, brothers Mats Haugen (guitars) and Truls Haugen (drums), bassist Glen Cato Møllen and keyboardist Lasse Finbråten, and this line-up has been in place since 2005, so you can guarantee that venues they play will be rockin' on their foundations.

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