Band Details

Barrow Wight

Genre Heavy
Year formed 2011
Home Town Ottawa, Ontario
Country Canada

Originally a Venom cover band, the band Witching hour changed their name to Barrow Wight considering there are already a hand full of bands called Witching hour across the globe. Then something happened, the guitar player and drummer could not balance all of the scholastic activity and the band. so the bass player was forced to continue on his own, he was dubbed Zonthark at a punk house show and carried the once Venom Cover band into a chaotic Tolkien themed terror. To our knowledge there are very few Tolkien themed Speed metal bands that sound like Venom (the best band on earth or the 80's at least) so Zonthark blended Tolkien's bad guys with Venom's primitive and evil sound. now we are left with a venom charged, reverb fueled, black brew from Bara-Dur. One does not simply walk into Mordor, he rocks into Mordor.

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