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Genre Heavy
Year formed 2008
Home Town Coventry
Country England
Soulride was founded in November 2008 in Coventry by members of such bands as Mutilation, Jim Lord, Tromsnar, Cordis, Dark Project and Kruk. Their energetic mixture of metal and rock proved that there is always something to say. The band played numerous gigs in UK (Coventry, London, Leicester, Bristol, Southampton) and was acting as a main support for Quo Vadis on their UK part of Chaos Tour 2010. In April 2010 Soulride recorded their first EP "Lost". Material recorded at TAP studio consists of 4 tracks and a "Requiem for a dream" cover. At the moment band is working on a new material... The heavier the better...

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25/09/2016 Manchester Pandemonium
24/09/2016 St Albans Pandemonium