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Fallen Titan

Genre Death
Year formed 2015
Home Town Gravesend
Country England
Formed In late 2015, Fallen Titan is a new and heavy project from Gravesend, formed by 5 friends who all came together with the same objective. With Aaron Jones summoning the lead riffs and backed perfectly by Charis\'s brutal rhythm the band sprung to life. the additions of Tom bringing hell on the drums and Pete\'s diverse vocal style followed soon after with Paul\'s mastering of the bass. Fallen Titan was born. Upon the release of their 1st single \'Battleborn\' in early 2016. Fallen Titan are ready to show everyone what they are made of , with a Mythological theme and Brutal songs ready in the wings. Fallen Titan is hitting the stages near you.. see you all in the Pit!

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15/10/2016 Gravesend Fallen Titan EP LaunchFallen Titan
15/09/2016 Brighton Hole In The Sky