Band Details

Apey and the Pea

Genre Metal
Year formed 2008
Home Town Budapest
Country Hungary
The band formed at the end of 2008 in Budapest, Hungary after the breakup of \"Remembering the Steel\" Pantera Tribute band where the three of the founding members met. March 2011 the band released \"The Day Ends\" EP with an opening for Keith Caputo with small tour series First full length \"DEVIL\'S NECTAR\" LP was released on 13th of June, 2013, won the best album of the year on HANGSÚLY (Hungarian Heavy Metal Awards) also won a few smaller awards later. Artist of the week on MTV Iggy 2014 April: Recording second album \"Hellish\" LP at R33 Studios with the same method. Co-Headlining with CROWBAR on A38 ship, sold out 5th of September 2014 \"Hellish\" LP released by the band Leander Rising - Blind Myself - Apey & The Pea Tour with 26 dates A&TP Live on Hungarian National TV, Co-Headline gig with SAINT VITUS \"Band of the Year\" on Kettonegy Awards ARON ANDRAS - guitar, vocals PREPELICZA ZOLTAN - bass, vocals MAKAI LASZLO - drums

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16/06/2017 London Bongripper
19/10/2016 London Weedeater