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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2014
Home Town Rochester
Country UK
The light is dying and if you’re going to rage against it, you’ll need all the furious volume you can muster. Dealing out titanic riffs and lacerating vocals since 2014, Allfather combine sludge metal nihilism with hardcore punk aggression to forge a harsh yet defiant soundtrack to the darkest of times. From humble beginnings, Allfather have honed their line-up into a hard-hitting five piece, channelling heavyweight songcraft through a classic dual guitar assault. Allfather’s members come from a variety of musical backgrounds and draw on a range of influences, but the band’s sound coalesces around riff-driven metal, with the likes of Down, High On Fire, Nails, Black Breath, Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard forming musical touchstones. Lyrically the band’s concerns spring from a burning frustration at the times we live in, with occasional forays into the tortured minds of Dostoevskian madmen and vengeful gods. When they’re not locked in the Allfather practice bunker summoning up riffs, the band’s members work day jobs and raise families, but have still found time to share stages with the likes of Cold World, Venom Prison, Title Fight and The Moth. The mix of punk and metal encapsulated by those bands informed the sound of forthcoming release ‘Bless the Earth With Fire’. This new EP, the follow-up to Allfather’s debut release ‘No Gods. No Masters’, signifies a significant step up in intensity and ambition, marking the next step in the band’s journey into the gathering darkness.

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