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Sound Of Origin

Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Home Town Huddersfield
Country England
Coming from the industrial backdrop of Huddersfield, \'Sound of Origin\' formed in early 2016 with the sole intention of becoming a fuzzed out riffing machine creating music with the ability to both \'chill you out\' or hit you with mammoth sized concussive soundwaves and bury them deep inside your brain. Drawing inspiration from the fuzzed out desert sounds of Kyuss, the godlike riffing of Black Sabbath and the spiteful dirge of Weedeater, Bongzilla & Down, Sound of Origin have quickly formed a glowing reputation for their thunderous live shows. It\'s loud, it\'s heavy and its uncompromising. With the first release due early 2017 and whilst paying no attention to trends or to the mainstream, Sound of Origin will deliver Seven tracks of pure Stoner. Psyche. Metal. Fuzz & Doom.

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18/02/2017 Nottingham Line Of Fire