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Necrosadistic Goat Torture

Genre Black
Year formed 2009
Home Town London
Country United Kingdom
NGT- a band with multinational members from the United Kingdom/Germany,Denmark and Poland plays fast paced vicious goatmetal, and its album "Armageddon Shall Come", simply kicks ass! "BEST BLACKENED DEATH METAL albums of the last ten years(...) It contains eight tracks of old-school blasting black/death/thrash metal that remind me, musically and lyrically speaking, the US and Latin American scenes from the 80s and beginning of the 90s" Rating 4.5/5 - METAL-RULES.COM This new freshly baked line-up amalgated their misanthropic, apocalyptic worldview, and their opus was “Armageddon Shall Come” – again, self - financed without help, neither from producers nor Labels, but eventually the band decided to use the Label Drakkar in 2012. Reviews from Germany described the singers sound as “apocalyptic style(..)“, coming close to Helmuth from Belphegor” and “a hard comparable unique style” - other reviewers from festivals and gigs have difficulties describing their unique style “coming close to Razor Of Occam or Darkest Hate Warfront(…)” which makes the NGT goats proud to stand out-

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31/12/2014 London Dead Congregation