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Die Kur

Genre Alternative
Home Town London
Country UK
Die Kur is a five piece band from London - UK with origins in the early 90s. Their first official release is ‘From Dark (Renaissance of Evil)’ in 2005 followed by ‘The Fall of The Empire’(2008), ‘ERA (Formicidae)’ (2011) and the latest studio double album “Manifesto” (2015). The album has seen 16 singles extract out of the 32 tracks that have played by independent radios all over the world and is a long journey in the era of propaganda advertisements and diffused informations. As political as it can get, it’s a bold release with strong controversial statements. A brand new single “Beneath the Waves” is released in 2017 available in physical format in all major music stores worldwide on the Record Store Day on April 22nd. The melodies, the heavy guitars, the unconventional chords progressions, the voice so aggressive as well as relentless drumming mixed with original sounds created with unusual tools like tesla coils, radio noises, metal percussions, theremin and much more makes this band pretty much unique in the sphere of metal / industrial. Die Kur dug their own way among passionate fans thanks also to a high level of dedication and painstaking work behind it. During these years they shared stages with many bands like Mortiis, The Young Gods, Die Krupps, UK Decay, Breed 77, Aesthetic Perfection, AngelSpit, Beholder, Treponem Pal, Velvet Acid Christ and many more and performed in many festivals such as Renaissance Alternative Music Festival, Dark 7 Festival, Whitby Gothic Weekend with their show known for being entertaining and outstanding.

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