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Genre Metal
Year formed 2016
Home Town Hastings
Country England
Hailing from the South Coast, Vichama is a five piece that have taken elements from sub genred such as groove, hardcore, death and black metal, and have twisted these to create their own brand. Members include: Dead Spoon on vocals, who uses his melancholic views coupled with an impressive range to create a genuine and brutal sound to the forefront of the stage. Biish & Slaughter on guitar, who work in tandem to produce the most crushing tones & riffs possible. Together with Grudge providing a low end roar on bass, they make an almost orchestral cacophany, mixing in-your-face riffs with low chugs and dark melodies. Nik Metalhurst on drums may as well be four different people. He takes compound timing, insane footwork and an astonishing sense of dynamics and mixes these together to deliver a headbanger\'s wet dream. Vichama are currently working on their debut EP \'Legion\', and are looking to gig in your area as soon as possible. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears tuned...

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