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Genre Doom/Drone/Stoner
Year formed 2017
Home Town Edinburgh
Country Scotland
DOLOUR With Gregor’s blackened vocals, twin downtuned riffing of guitarists Mal and Garth. the low end groove pinned down by Ian on bass and huge hitter ‘Choo’ on drums, Edinburgh based Dolour smashed on to the scene with their well received double ‘A’ side, “Crossing the Divine/Penitence (Through Physical Pain)”, in March 2017, which has been featured in Slumlord and Hand of Doom blogs. Lately, this Sludge machine have been smashing up the stage in the local underground, alongside bands such as Live Burial and Scumpulse, and international acts Uburen and Noothgrush with more dates confirmed for this year. Dolour are hungry, loud and ready to destroy more eardrums with their unique brand of nasty, noisy, Northern European sludge. Gregor Meldrum (Sons of Slaughter, Tower of Flies) Mal Coppins (Collapse of Reason) Ian Munro (Collapse of Reason, Rogyapas) Garth Walker Thomas ‘choo’ Lawrie

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24/10/2017 Glasgow Noothgrush