Band Details


Genre Black
Year formed 2004
Home Town Halden
Country Norway
2004 was the year and the small Norwegian town of Halden was the place. There and then the black metal band MORK was created by Thomas Eriksen near the dark Norwegian forrests. The band functions as a one-man-project much like many other Norwegian Black Metal acts do. The music is in the Norwegian spirit and can be compared to the magic of early Burzum and Darkthrone. In 2007 the demo \"Rota Til Ondskap\" was released and is compiled of recordings from 2005 untill 2007. Finally in 2013/14 the debut-album \"Isebakke\" was released through the Canadian label HSP Productions on digipak CD. The sparks then egnited and the flame of MORK was lid. Lost souls have been summoned and MORK is now a full-live-act and ready to take it\'s Norwegian Black Metal on the road. New releases is set for 2015 and MORK will continue to paint the world black.

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