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Genre Metal
Year formed 2015
Home Town Bury
Country UK
Darkstone are not the “next big thing.” Neither will they ever be “critically acclaimed” nor “modern classics,” and the only way that they may potentially “cause a stir” would probably be brew related. Clichés aside, these four guys from the North side of Manchester have somehow managed to pool their years of experience and wide range of musical influences to create something rather good. From punk to prog, to classical, to classic rock, to thrash metal, there’s signs of everything in there, sometimes even within a single song. Just imagine some heavy, grinding riffs. Add some wandering basslines, a few guitar harmonies and crystal clear passages. Layer that with powerful, soaring vocals, and some incredibly agile drumming, and you might get close. In fact, stop imagining and just listen. Darkstone don’t want to be famous. They don’t want to make money. They just want to write music, and get out there and play it to you. Go on. Listen to their music. See them live. You know you want to.

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02/11/2017 Manchester Rebellion Live Presents...Darkstone
30/09/2017 Bury Darkstone