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Genre Goth/Industrial
Home Town Glasgow
Country UK

Guanoman is a experimental/free/prog/metal/noise musician once based in London, now located in Glasgow. Since 1999, he has self-released four full-length albums and several EPs and collaborations. His work is often noisy, complex and bizarre, but sometimes gentle and contemplative. 

His work has been compared to Fantomas, Cardiacs, John Zorn, Meshuggah, Scott Walker, Frank Zappa, Opeth and the Butthole Surfers. 

Guanoman co-runs the Transdimensional Sushi DIY label with London-based noise artist BBBlood. 

As a solo artist, he has played on bills alongside The One Ensemble, Remember Remember, Black Sun, Team Brick, Bong, Kylie Minoise, Martin Archer, The Radiation Line, James Blackshaw, Wounded Knee, Diascorium, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji, BBBlood, Interstellar Nightmare, Hockyfrilla, Usurper, Lords of Bastard, Sunsmasher, Sister Iodine, Noma, Orphan Fairytale, Towering Breaker and more. 

He also plays in the free-rock/improvisation ensemble Ug!, and has played/performed/recorded with Damo Suzuki, Black Sun Drum Corps, BBBlood, Ordeal X, Magus, Drill Queen, Entronaut and Phil Minton’s Feral Choir.

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22/04/2012 Glasgow Necro Deathmort