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Heart Of A Coward

Genre Prog/Tech/Djent
Year formed 2009
Home Town Milton Keynes
Country UK

UK band fronted by ex-Sylosis singer Jamie Graham offering a mix of Djent and modern metalcore.

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Previous Gigs (last 20)

08/08/2015 Manchester Deadbolt FestivalHeart Of A Coward
12/11/2014 London Sikth
11/11/2014 Brighton Sikth
10/11/2014 Norwich Sikth
09/11/2014 Birmingham Sikth
08/11/2014 Manchester Sikth
07/11/2014 Newcastle Sikth
05/11/2014 Glasgow Sikth
04/11/2014 Leeds Sikth
03/11/2014 Liverpool Sikth
01/11/2014 Bristol Sikth
31/10/2014 Plymouth Sikth
30/10/2014 Portsmouth Sikth
29/10/2014 Milton Keynes Sikth
03/07/2014 Corby Raging Speedhorn
21/11/2013 Norwich Heart Of A Coward
20/11/2013 Nottingham Heart Of A Coward
19/11/2013 Leeds Heart Of A Coward
18/11/2013 Glasgow Heart Of A Coward
17/11/2013 Manchester Heart Of A Coward