Cheap Metal and Rock Vinyl Deals

Amazon have some crazy deals on vinyl with up to 40% off at the moment here: Check out just a few of the highlights below - click on the album cover to be taken to the deal: Whitesnake - 1987 30th anniversary edition £12 Judas Priest - Turbo 20th anniversary edition £11 Death - [...]

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Skálmöld release new video for Gleipnir

Skalmold video Gleipnir Bowen Staines

Icelandic Viking/folk metal act Skálmöld have just released the new video for "Gleipnir".  Yes we said a video not a gig announcement, I know we're a listings website, but it's not every day the very talented Bowen Staines releases a new video.  Originally born in New Hampshire, Bowen has relocated to Iceland where he established Don't Panic films.  After blowing us away with the amazing...

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Punk as Fuck Photo Exhibition

Punk as fuck jesus lizard

Those of you into your gig photography may well want to head to Whitechapel Road during March for the Punk as fuck photography exhibition.

Here's the full press release:

Punk as fuck is a collection of photographs taken by legendary music snapper Steve Gullick during the grunge & lurch led punk rock resurgence of the early 1990s for rock weeklies Sounds & Melody Maker. 

The exhibition of beautifully hand printed photography features...

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New artist website Corpselogic goes live

Corpselogic artist website Jondix

This week the artist collaboration website Corpselogic has gone live.  The site has been formed by a group of eight international artists, each of them with extensive experience designing artwork and merchandising for metal bands. You only have to take a look at the list of bands they have worked with to see why metalgigs are a fan - High On Fire, Amon Amarth, Neurosis, St. Vitus, Purified In Blood, Electric Wizard, Napalm Death, Pentagram, Slayer to name but a few.  The idea was born as a solution to the growing demand for quality artwork by record labels and recording studios, consecrated metal bands, and of course for newer bands with...

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