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Date BandsGenresVenue NameTown
05/05/2017Deftones Alternative Alexandra PalaceLondon
05/05/2017While She Sleeps Modern The SugarmillStoke On Trent
06/05/2017Deftones Alternative O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
06/05/2017While She Sleeps Modern WaterfrontNorwich
07/05/2017Deftones Alternative O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
08/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock MEN ArenaManchester
10/05/2017While She Sleeps Modern Rescue RoomsNottingham
10/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Motorpoint ArenaSheffield
11/05/2017Belzebong Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
11/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Leeds ArenaLeeds
13/05/2017While She Sleeps Modern Leeds Met SULeeds
13/05/2017Manor FestGrand Magus Memoriam Valafar Isarnos Gods Of Hellfire Arkham Witch Rotting Repugnancy Heavy Death Death Metal Doom/Drone/Stoner Heavy Death Victoria HallKeighley
14/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Metro Radio ArenaNewcastle
16/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock The HydroGlasgow
17/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock AECC P&J ArenaAberdeen
19/05/2017Periphery The Contortionist Destrage Metal Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent The RitzManchester
20/05/2017Periphery The Contortionist Destrage Metal Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent The RitzManchester
20/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Echo Arena LiverpoolLiverpool
21/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Barclaycard ArenaBirmingham
24/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock Cardiff Motorpoint ArenaCardiff
26/05/2017Nifelheim Funeral Throne Black Black UnderworldLondon
27/05/2017Iron Maiden Shinedown Metal Rock O2 ArenaLondon
27/05/2017Kiss Rock The HydroGlasgow
28/05/2017Kiss Rock Barclaycard ArenaBirmingham
30/05/2017Kiss Rock MEN ArenaManchester
31/05/2017Kiss Rock O2 ArenaLondon
16/06/2017Guns N' Roses Rock London Olympic StadiumLondon
17/06/2017Stone Free FestivalRitchie Blackmore's Rainbow Heavy O2 ArenaLondon
17/06/2017Guns N' Roses Rock London Olympic StadiumLondon
22/06/2017Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Heavy MEN ArenaManchester
25/06/2017Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Heavy The HydroGlasgow
28/06/2017Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Heavy Barclaycard ArenaBirmingham
15/07/2017Boycott the Baptist Brainshit Brianblessed Spaztik Munkey Raised By Owls Grind/Noise/Powerviolence Grind/Noise/Powerviolence Grind/Noise/Powerviolence Grind/Noise/Powerviolence Grind/Noise/Powerviolence The NavigationNottingham
25/07/2017ZZ Top Rock O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
10/10/2017Kataklysm Graveworm Death Black O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
13/10/2017Marillion Rock Royal Albert HallLondon
11/11/2017Alice Cooper The Mission The Tubes Rock Rock Rock Leeds ArenaLeeds
12/11/2017Alice Cooper The Mission The Tubes Rock Rock Rock The HydroGlasgow
14/11/2017Alice Cooper The Mission The Tubes Rock Rock Rock Barclaycard ArenaBirmingham
15/11/2017Alice Cooper The Mission The Tubes Rock Rock Rock MEN ArenaManchester
16/11/2017Alice Cooper The Mission The Tubes Rock Rock Rock Wembley ArenaLondon
17/11/2017Deep Purple Europe Rock Rock Barclaycard ArenaBirmingham
18/11/2017Deep Purple Europe Rock Rock MEN ArenaManchester
20/11/2017Deep Purple Europe Rock Rock Cardiff Motorpoint ArenaCardiff
22/11/2017Deep Purple Europe Rock Rock The HydroGlasgow
23/11/2017Deep Purple Europe Rock Rock O2 ArenaLondon
Displaying 301-346 of 346 results.