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Pentagram, Chile and support - August 2nd - The Dome, Tufnell Park, London
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DateBandsGenresVenue NameTown
02/09/2014Cryptopsy Disgorge USA Jungle Rot Death Death Death Audio GlasgowGlasgow
03/09/2014Cryptopsy Disgorge USA Jungle Rot Death Death Death Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
04/09/2014Yob Pallbearer Spider Kitten Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The FleeceBristol
04/09/2014Devin Townsend Project Metal Union ChapelLondon
05/09/2014Yob Pallbearer Ghold Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Roadhouse ManchesterManchester
05/09/2014Skindred Rock Sound CircusBournemouth
06/09/2014Animal Noise Bogus Gasman Down Radio Headjam Inner Terrestrials King Punch Legend In Japan Shitwife Si Genaro Alternative Punk Alternative Punk Punk Punk Punk Alternative Alternative UnderworldLondon
06/09/2014Suffering UK Bloodwork Kemakil More TBC Death Black Thrash Unclassified The UnicornLondon
06/09/2014Yob Pallbearer Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Audio GlasgowGlasgow
06/09/2014Alunah Turbowolf Orange Sunshine Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner Scald End FarmThurleigh
07/09/2014Yob Pallbearer Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Brudenell Social ClubLeeds
07/09/2014Pentagram Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Serpent Venom Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner The GarageLondon
08/09/2014Yob Pallbearer Bast Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
11/09/2014Wolf Metal Sound ControlManchester
11/09/2014Midnight Ewig Frost Satanic Dystopia Black Heavy Thrash The Black HeartLondon
12/09/2014Gurt OMSQ Wizard Fight Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Union Bar formerly The TubmanHastings
12/09/2014Edguy Metal Sound ControlManchester
13/09/2014Bludvera Exxxecutioner RamRaid Insurgency Gorehead Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash Death Star and GarterManchester
13/09/2014Wolf Metal Rescue RoomsNottingham
13/09/2014Edguy Metal Queens HallNuneaton
14/09/2014Wolf Metal BorderlineLondon
14/09/2014Edguy Metal O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
14/09/2014Bong Cauldron Nomad Wort Berserkowitz Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Maguire's Pizza BarLiverpool
18/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy HootanannyInverness
19/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Moorings BarAberdeen
20/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy BannermansEdinburgh
20/09/2014Leng Tch'e The Rotted Dripback Karybdis Evil Scarecrow Saturnian Sidious OAF Shrapnel Death Death Hardcore Metal Metal Metal Death Unclassified Thrash UnderworldLondon
21/09/2014Anathema Rock O2 ABC 2 GlasgowGlasgow
22/09/2014Anathema Rock O2 Academy 2 NewcastleNewcastle
23/09/2014Lantlos Fen Falloch Krawwl Black Black Metal Black Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
23/09/2014Anathema Rock Manchester Academy IIIManchester
25/09/2014Anathema Rock The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
25/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy The Vine BarWorkington
26/09/2014Skiltron Metal Moorings BarAberdeen
26/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Scruffy Murphy'sBirmingham
26/09/2014Anathema Rock KokoLondon
27/09/2014Anathema Rock TheklaBristol
27/09/2014Grim Reaper Amulet Dark Forest Metal Heavy Heavy Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
27/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Satans HollowManchester
27/09/2014Madball Hardcore Craufurd ArmsMilton Keynes
27/09/2014Black State Highway Buzzard King Stormdreamer Rock Rock Rock Eternit Sports and Social ClubRoyston
28/09/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy CorporationSheffield
28/09/2014Anathema Rock Talking HeadsSouthampton
29/09/2014Lord Snow Afterlife Kids Charlotte Light And Dark Sky:lark Hardcore Hardcore Post Unclassified The UnicornLondon
01/10/2014Heights Modern Clwb Ifor BachCardiff
02/10/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Trillians RockbarNewcastle
02/10/2014Heights Modern Alter EgoManchester
03/10/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Classic GrandGlasgow
03/10/2014Heights Modern The CockpitLeeds
03/10/2014Slomatics Undersmile Grey Widow Bong Goblin Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The WindmillLondon
04/10/2014Heights Modern Classic GrandGlasgow
04/10/2014Sly & The Family Drone Unclassified The Shacklewell ArmsLondon
04/10/2014Finntroll HateSphere Profane Omen Metal Thrash Heavy The DomeLondon
05/10/2014Finntroll HateSphere Profane Omen Metal Thrash Heavy The FleeceBristol
05/10/2014Heights Modern BarflyLondon
07/10/2014Jettblack Rock CorporationSheffield
08/10/2014Destruction Shrapnel Lost Society Evil Invaders Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash UnderworldLondon
08/10/2014Jettblack Rock Roadhouse ManchesterManchester
08/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified WaterfrontNorwich
08/10/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy Warehouse 23Wakefield
09/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified O2 Academy 2 BirminghamBirmingham
09/10/2014Destruction Shrapnel Lost Society Evil Invaders Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash BierkellerBristol
09/10/2014Attica Rage Fury Rock Heavy UnderworldLondon
09/10/2014Crucified Barbara Rock Manchester Academy IIIManchester
09/10/2014Jettblack Rock Rock CityNottingham
10/10/2014Opeth Metal O2 Academy BristolBristol
10/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified CorporationSheffield
10/10/2014Attila Modern JoinersSouthampton
10/10/2014Diamond Head Rock The Hairy DogDerby
10/10/2014Crucified Barbara Rock Audio GlasgowGlasgow
10/10/2014Destruction Shrapnel Lost Society Evil Invaders Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash Audio GlasgowGlasgow
10/10/2014Jettblack Rock The Live RoomsChester
11/10/2014Opeth Metal RoundhouseLondon
11/10/2014Jettblack Rock The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
11/10/2014Crucified Barbara Rock Fibbers YorkYork
11/10/2014Attila Modern The ExchangeBristol
11/10/2014Diamond Head Skreamer Fury UK Jaguar Black Acid Souls Left For Red Salem + More Rock Metal Metal Heavy Rock Metal Heavy Unclassified Trowbridge Civic CentreTrowbridge
11/10/2014Destruction Shrapnel Lost Society Evil Invaders Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash Voodoo LoungeDublin
11/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified 1865Southampton
12/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified Concorde 2Brighton
12/10/2014Jettblack Rock O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
12/10/2014Attila Modern UnderworldLondon
12/10/2014Lentic Waters The Plague Project Me And Goliath Sky:lark Lady Elect Hardcore Unclassified Hardcore Unclassified Hardcore The UnicornLondon
12/10/2014Destruction Shrapnel Lost Society Evil Invaders Thrash Thrash Thrash Thrash Sound ControlManchester
12/10/2014Opeth Metal Rock CityNottingham
12/10/2014Crucified Barbara Rock The DomeLondon
13/10/2014Attila Modern Manchester Academy IIIManchester
13/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified The White RabbitPlymouth
13/10/2014Jettblack Rock JoinersSouthampton
14/10/2014Attila Modern CathouseGlasgow
14/10/2014Opeth Metal O2 ABC GlasgowGlasgow
14/10/2014Alestorm Lagerstein Red Rum RainbowDragonEyes Metal Metal Metal Unclassified O2 Academy 2 LiverpoolLiverpool
15/10/2014In Solitude Beastmilk Heavy Alternative UnderworldLondon
15/10/2014Opeth Metal Manchester AcademyManchester
15/10/2014Attila Modern Think TankNewcastle
16/10/2014Opeth Metal The InstituteBirmingham
16/10/2014Attila Modern The CockpitLeeds
16/10/2014Anti Nowhere League Punk Manchester Academy IIIManchester
16/10/2014In Solitude Beastmilk Heavy Alternative Audio GlasgowGlasgow
17/10/2014Skid Row Sister The Last Vegas Rock Rock Alternative BierkellerBristol
Displaying 101-200 of 464 result(s).