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DateBandsGenresVenue NameTown
09/02/2016Tesseract The Contortionist Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent Rescue RoomsNottingham
10/02/2016Tesseract The Contortionist Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent O2 Academy 2 OxfordOxford
11/02/2016Tesseract The Contortionist Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent Wedgewood RoomsPortsmouth
12/02/2016Tesseract The Contortionist Prog/Tech/Djent Prog/Tech/Djent KokoLondon
12/02/2016An Alternative Metal GatheringChase the Day Rock T ChancesLondon
13/02/2016Satanic Warmaster Black Audio GlasgowGlasgow
13/02/2016Snuff Punk The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
14/02/2016Snuff Punk Think TankNewcastle
18/02/2016Snuff Punk Manchester Academy IIIManchester
19/02/2016Brofest(UK)Satan Desaster Omen Searcher Blind Haze Saracen Dealer (UK) Cynic(UK) Hessian Heavy Thrash Rock Rock Rock Metal Metal Metal Northumbria UniversityNewcastle
19/02/2016Snuff Punk Electric BallroomLondon
19/02/2016Underworld Europe 2016 tourSymphony X Myrath Melted Space Metal Metal Metal Islington Assembly HallLondon
20/02/2016Witchsorrow Bright Curse Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Portland Arms Cambridge
21/02/2016Snuff Punk Wedgewood RoomsPortsmouth
25/02/2016Saviours Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
26/02/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Norwich UEA LCRNorwich
27/02/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Manchester AcademyManchester
27/02/2016Melbourn Rock ClubStonewire Rock Eternit Sports and Social ClubRoyston
28/02/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal O2 Academy BirminghamBirmingham
28/02/2016Disentomb Visceral Disgorge Necrosis Death Death Death BierkellerBristol
29/02/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Guildhall SouthamptonSouthampton
29/02/2016Saturnalia Temple Inconcessus Lux Lucis Reclvse Doom/Drone/Stoner Black Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
02/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Music HallAberdeen
02/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Music HallAberdeen
02/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
03/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal BarrowlandsGlasgow
03/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal The RainbowBirmingham
04/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Limelight BelfastBelfast
04/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal GarageGlasgow
05/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal Manchester Academy IIIManchester
05/03/2016Scream Lounge Metal NightDead Before Mourning With A Vengeance Hydra Metal Modern Thrash Scream LoungeCroydon
07/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal TramshedCardiff
08/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
08/03/2016GHOSTLIGHTS WORLD TOUR 2016Avantasia Metal The ForumLondon
09/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal The HubPlymouth
10/03/2016Alestorm Sabaton Bloodbound Metal Metal Metal The ForumLondon
11/03/2016Decapitated Sylosis Death Metal Concorde 2Brighton
16/03/2016Crossfaith Modern ChinnerysSouthend on Sea
17/03/2016Life Of Agony Metal Electric BallroomLondon
17/03/2016Enslaved Wardruna Black Unclassified The DomeLondon
17/03/2016Crossfaith Modern Wedgewood RoomsPortsmouth
18/03/2016Life Of Agony Metal The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
18/03/2016Enslaved Black UnderworldLondon
18/03/2016Crossfaith Modern The HauntBrighton
18/03/2016The Sick 4WEAK13 Heavy Scruffy Murphy'sBirmingham
19/03/2016Life Of Agony Metal Manchester Club AcademyManchester
19/03/2016Enslaved Wardruna Black Unclassified O2 Shepherd's Bush EmpireLondon
19/03/2016Crossfaith Modern Cardiff University SUCardiff
20/03/2016Crossfaith Modern The HubPlymouth
22/03/2016Crossfaith Modern The Key ClubLeeds
23/03/2016Crossfaith Modern Sub 89Reading
23/03/2016King Goat's Album LaunchKing Goat In The Hills Pensevor Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Prince AlbertBrighton
24/03/2016Crossfaith Modern The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
25/03/2016Crossfaith Modern O2 Academy 2 LiverpoolLiverpool
26/03/2016Crossfaith Modern Manchester Academy IIManchester
27/03/2016EASTER ABOMINATIONIniquitous Savagery Trivax Body Harvest Cairiss Judas Cradle Formicarius Death Black Death Black Grind Black The GryphonBristol
28/03/2016Crossfaith Modern King Tut's Wah Wah HutGlasgow
29/03/2016Crossfaith Modern CorporationSheffield
30/03/2016Crossfaith Modern WaterfrontNorwich
31/03/2016Crossfaith Modern ElectricLondon
02/04/2016GargleManiaPighead Laceration Black Skies Burn Anoxide Foul Body Autopsy Death Death Thrash Thrash Death The UnicornLondon
05/04/2016Isengard Promotions presentsDestroyer 666 Bolzer Trepaneringsritualen Dungeon Black Death Goth/Industrial Thrash NambuccaLondon
06/04/2016Amped presentsWEAK13 Heavy The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
07/04/2016Isengard Promotions presentsSatan Amulet Seven Sisters Heavy Heavy Heavy NambuccaLondon
15/04/2016Maybeshewill Post KokoLondon
16/04/2016Tytan Heavy The Carlisle Rock PubHastings
16/04/2016The Vision Bleak Saturnus Goth/Industrial Doom/Drone/Stoner Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
16/04/2016Isengard Promotions presentsArchgoat Valkyrja Scythian Qrixkuor Necromaniac Black Black Death Death Death NambuccaLondon
24/04/2016Hawkwind - The Machine Stops TourHawkwind Rock Stamford Corn ExchangeStamford
28/04/2016Mass Infection Body Harvest Anoxide Rotting Repugnancy Death Death Thrash Death The Running HorseNottingham
30/04/2016Thrashersaurus 2016Acid Reign Re-animator Anihilated Cambion Reign Of Fury Thrash Thrash Thrash Metal Metal The BrickmakersNorwich
30/04/2016Mass Infection Body Harvest Visions Of Disfigurement After the Abduction Maleceptor Death Death Death Death Death Retro BarManchester
01/05/2016Mass Infection Body Harvest Absolution Exterminus Embodiment Vile Inscription Death Death Death Thrash Metal Death The GryphonBristol
08/05/2016WORSHIP THE VOID PRESENTSSamothrace Space Witch Silverchild Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock The RiggerNewcastle Under Lyme
27/05/2016Virus Thrash DownstairsAberdeen
28/05/2016Southampton Annihilation FestivalDendera Seprevation Metaprism Body Harvest Conjurer Heavy Thrash Prog/Tech/Djent Death Metal The FirehouseSouthampton
28/05/2016SLAM FEST WARM UP PARTYScordatura Atonement Visions Of Disfigurement Colpocleisis Death Death Death Death The GryphonBristol
29/05/2016SLAM FESTKorpse NL Logic Of Denial Craniotomy Crepitation Ovarian Despoilment Devour the Fetus Cerebral Extinction Lower than Zero Necrosis Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death Death BierkellerBristol
04/06/2016Doomsday 2016Sea Bastard The Infernal Sea King Leviathan Vulgate Enslavement Vile Discectomy Mordrake Ascaris Aklash Angron Doom/Drone/Stoner Black Metal Thrash Death Death Metal Death Black Death FlairzHastings
21/06/2016King Diamond Metal The ForumLondon
24/06/2016Desolation Angels The Deep Airforce Heavy Heavy Unclassified The UnicornLondon
25/06/2016NWOBHM Garage Dayz Revisited 2Blitzkrieg Chariot Jaguar Quartz Sacrilege Soldier Tytan Warrior Unclassified Metal Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy The GarageLondon
Displaying 1-82 of 82 result(s).