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DateBandsGenresVenue NameTown
31/05/2016Jucifer Undersmile Swampmother Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
01/06/2016Power Trip Thrash Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
02/06/2016Nasty High Rock The ShedLeicester
02/06/2016Degial Vorum Ataud Inconcessus Lux Lucis Black Death Death Black The UnicornLondon
03/06/2016Senser Rock Audio GlasgowGlasgow
03/06/2016Vision Of Disorder Hardcore The DomeLondon
03/06/2016The FacemelterHag The Guts We Wild Blood Heavy Hardcore Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
04/06/2016Doomsday 2016Sea Bastard The Infernal Sea King Leviathan Vulgate Enslavement Vile Discectomy Mordrake Ascaris Aklash Angron Doom/Drone/Stoner Black Metal Thrash Death Death Metal Death Black Death FlairzHastings
04/06/2016Vision Of Disorder Hardcore GarageGlasgow
04/06/2016Eighth Day UK TourBallsdeep Death Watch Metal Doom/Drone/Stoner Captain TomsAberdeen
04/06/2016METAL NIGHT @ SCREAM LOUNGE, CROYDON 4th JUNE 2016Praesepe Dying Vision Skullthrone Death Black Black Scream LoungeCroydon
06/06/2016Slough Feg Seven Sisters Doom/Drone/Stoner Heavy The UnicornLondon
09/06/2016Seprevation Reprisal Thrash Thrash The RockhouseAndover
10/06/2016Nasty High Rock Gilberts ClubWolverhampton
11/06/2016Primitive Man Sea Bastard Slabdragger King Goat Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
12/06/2016Municipal Waste Thrash Sound ControlManchester
13/06/2016Jane's Addiction Rock The ForumLondon
13/06/2016Municipal Waste Thrash CathouseGlasgow
14/06/2016Municipal Waste Thrash Think TankNewcastle
15/06/2016Municipal Waste Thrash Brudenell Social ClubLeeds
16/06/2016Hair Metal HeroesPermageddon Covers NambuccaLondon
20/06/2016Boy Sets Fire Hardcore Arts ClubLiverpool
21/06/2016King Diamond Metal The ForumLondon
21/06/2016Boy Sets Fire Hardcore O2 Academy 3 BirminghamBirmingham
22/06/2016Boy Sets Fire Hardcore O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
22/06/2016Cattle Decapitation Death Ivory BlacksGlasgow
23/06/2016Cattle Decapitation Taken By The Tide Death Metal The Hairy DogDerby
24/06/2016Desolation Angels The Deep Airforce Heavy Heavy Unclassified The UnicornLondon
24/06/2016Cattle Decapitation Ingested Unfathomable Ruination Death Death Death NambuccaLondon
25/06/2016NWOBHM Garage Dayz Revisited 2Blitzkrieg Chariot Jaguar Quartz Sacrilege Soldier Tytan Warrior Unclassified Metal Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy Heavy The GarageLondon
25/06/2016Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow Heavy NEC Genting ArenaBirmingham
29/06/2016Dopethrone Gurt Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Alma InnBolton
30/06/2016Dopethrone Gurt Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
10/07/2016Nasty High Rock The Monarch, CamdenLondon
15/07/2016Blind Saviour Nocturna Rolodex Of Gods Metal Metal Alternative B2Norwich
16/07/2016Hecate Enthroned Ninkharsag Sathamel Dystopian Wrath The Crimson Brigade Black Black Black Black Black BumperLiverpool
16/07/2016Blind Saviour Synaptik Metal Metal The Carlisle Rock PubHastings
17/07/2016Neverworld Blind Saviour Orpheum Forged In Black Metal Metal Goth/Industrial Heavy The Fiddlers ElbowLondon
27/07/2016Eyehategod Doom/Drone/Stoner UnderworldLondon
30/07/2016Metalbrew 2016Venom Inc Diamond Head Divine Chaos Incredible Hog Desert Storm Groan Witchsorrow Ascalon Dysteria Landskap Heavy Rock Thrash Rock Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Heavy Hardcore Doom/Drone/Stoner Barnet Rugby ClubLondon
16/08/2016Ministry DevilDriver Goth/Industrial Metal TramshedCardiff
17/08/2016Ministry DevilDriver Goth/Industrial Metal O2 ABC GlasgowGlasgow
18/08/2016Ministry DevilDriver Goth/Industrial Metal The InstituteBirmingham
19/08/2016Ministry DevilDriver Goth/Industrial Metal The RitzManchester
20/08/2016Ministry DevilDriver Goth/Industrial Metal The ForumLondon
03/09/2016Minsk Kowloon Walled City Wren Post Alternative Post UnderworldLondon
09/09/2016Undercover Festival IV @Brighton RacecoursePeter & The Test Tube Babies Spear of Destiny Menace The JB Conspiracy Charred Hearts Criminal Mind Dragster Sonic Boom Six Emergency Bitter Punk Rock Punk Punk Unclassified Punk Punk Unclassified Punk Brighton RacecourseBrighton
10/09/2016Haemorrhage Gout Basement Torture Killings Grind Grind Death Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
26/09/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal Concorde 2Brighton
27/09/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal KokoLondon
28/09/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal BierkellerBristol
29/09/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal Leeds Met SULeeds
30/09/2016Orange Goblin Electric Citizen Poseidon Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner Sub 89Reading
30/09/2016Akercocke Death UnderworldLondon
30/09/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal Manchester Academy IIManchester
01/10/2016Akercocke Death Engine RoomsSouthampton
02/10/2016Orange Goblin Electric Citizen Poseidon Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner The GlobeCardiff
02/10/2016Akercocke Death The FleeceBristol
02/10/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal The InstituteBirmingham
03/10/2016Orange Goblin Electric Citizen Poseidon Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner Engine RoomsSouthampton
03/10/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal GarageGlasgow
04/10/2016Orange Goblin Electric Citizen Poseidon Doom/Drone/Stoner Rock Doom/Drone/Stoner The HauntBrighton
04/10/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal Riverside NewcastleNewcastle
05/10/2016Red Fang God Damn Torche Doom/Drone/Stoner Alternative Metal Engine RoomsSouthampton
07/10/2016Akercocke Death CorporationSheffield
15/10/2016Weekend Nachos Wormrot The Afternoon Gentlemen Hardcore Grind Grind NambuccaLondon
21/10/2016Katatonia Metal O2 Shepherd's Bush EmpireLondon
28/10/2016Y & T Rock O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
30/10/2016Y & T Rock O2 Academy 2 LiverpoolLiverpool
30/10/2016Halloween KabaretChristian Death Zeitgeist Zero Death Party UK Goth/Industrial Alternative Rock Whitby Spa PavilionWhitby
04/11/2016Y & T Rock O2 Academy NewcastleNewcastle
06/11/2016Y & T Rock O2 Academy BristolBristol
09/11/2016Morbosidad Demonomancy Peucharist Death Death Black The Black HeartLondon
10/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
11/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal KokoLondon
12/11/2016Europe Rock RoundhouseLondon
13/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal The InstituteBirmingham
14/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal Riverside NewcastleNewcastle
16/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal Manchester Academy IIManchester
18/11/2016Lacuna Coil Metal 1865Southampton
22/11/2016Electric Six Rock O2 Academy 2 NewcastleNewcastle
23/11/2016Electric Six Rock Manchester Academy IIIManchester
24/11/2016Electric Six Rock Oran MorGlasgow
27/11/2016Electric Six Rock O2 Academy 2 LiverpoolLiverpool
30/11/2016Electric Six Rock O2 Academy 2 BirminghamBirmingham
01/12/2016Electric Six Rock O2 Academy 2 SheffieldSheffield
02/12/2016Electric Six Rock O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
03/12/2016Electric Six Rock Concorde 2Brighton
06/12/2016Iced Earth Ensiferum Kataklysm Unearth Metal Metal Death Hardcore ElectricLondon
13/01/2017Sabaton Accept Metal Heavy O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
14/01/2017Sabaton Accept Metal Heavy O2 Academy BrixtonLondon
Displaying 1-91 of 91 result(s).