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DateBandsGenresVenue NameTown
22/08/2015Slabdragger OHHMS Meadows Old Man Lizard Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
22/08/2015The Fall Of Troy Post Rescue RoomsNottingham
24/08/2015Deafheaven Black Scala LondonLondon
25/08/2015Offspring Punk O2 Apollo ManchesterManchester
26/08/2015Offspring Punk O2 Academy BrixtonLondon
26/08/2015Splattered Crepitation Visions Of Disfigurement Operation Cunt Destroyer Death Death Death Death Retro BarManchester
28/08/2015Def Con One Metal The VenueSelby
29/08/2015Draconian Doom/Drone/Stoner Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
30/08/2015(Mimas) Attack Alternative The Rock DenHatfield
30/08/2015Desolate Pathway Desolation Angels Doom/Drone/Stoner Heavy The Rock DenHatfield
30/08/2015Cryptopsy Psycroptic Death Death Audio GlasgowGlasgow
04/09/2015Hatebreed Hardcore Sub 89Reading
04/09/201540 Watt Sun Doom/Drone/Stoner St Pancras Old ChurchLondon
06/09/2015Nile Suffocation Death Death The HubPlymouth
07/09/2015Nile Suffocation Death Death Sound ControlManchester
08/09/2015Nile Suffocation Death Death The DomeLondon
09/09/2015Powerwolf Orden Ogan Xandria Metal Heavy Unclassified O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
09/09/2015Nile Suffocation Death Death Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
11/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy TroxyLondon
12/09/2015Reign Of Fury Metal FirebugLeicester
12/09/2015Old Corpse Road Exxxecutioner Pist R.B.H Atragon Satanic Dystopia Ascalon Winterfire Wolfbastard Reaper Denim & Leather Black Thrash Doom/Drone/Stoner Metal Doom/Drone/Stoner Thrash Heavy Metal Metal Thrash Punk Star and GarterManchester
12/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy O2 Academy LeedsLeeds
12/09/2015Mostly Autumn Rock Manchester Academy IIIManchester
12/09/2015Cult Of FIre Saturnalia Temple Black Doom/Drone/Stoner Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
13/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy O2 Academy NewcastleNewcastle
14/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Craufurd ArmsMilton Keynes
14/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy The RitzManchester
15/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Sound ControlManchester
16/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy The Academy DublinDublin
16/09/2015Between The Buried And Me Haken Metal Prog/Tech/Djent Talking HeadsSouthampton
17/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices Ninkharsag Black Black Black CorporationSheffield
17/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy Limelight BelfastBelfast
17/09/2015Between The Buried And Me Haken Metal Prog/Tech/Djent Electric BallroomLondon
18/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Rescue RoomsNottingham
18/09/2015Abbath Black The ForumLondon
18/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices Ninkharsag Black Black Black Audio GlasgowGlasgow
18/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy O2 Academy GlasgowGlasgow
18/09/2015Between The Buried And Me Haken Metal Prog/Tech/Djent GorillaManchester
19/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
19/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices Ninkharsag Black Black Black The Key ClubLeeds
19/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy Rock CityNottingham
19/09/2015Mostly Autumn Rock FruitHull
20/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Sub 89Reading
20/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices Ninkharsag Black Black Black Sound ControlManchester
21/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy Wulfrun HallWolverhampton
22/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Sound CircusBournemouth
22/09/2015W.A.S.P. Heavy Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
22/09/2015Between The Buried And Me Haken Metal Prog/Tech/Djent Rescue RoomsNottingham
23/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock The HubPlymouth
23/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
23/09/2015Skiltron Red Rum Raptorgeist Metal Metal Thrash Ye Olde Salutation InnNottingham
23/09/2015Between The Buried And Me Haken Metal Prog/Tech/Djent The HauntBrighton
24/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Motion & Marble FactoryBristol
24/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
24/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices The King Is Blind Black Black Death The OobleckBirmingham
25/09/2015Reign Of Fury Derision Insurgency Metal Thrash Thrash The Alma InnBolton
25/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock Concorde 2Brighton
25/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
25/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices The King Is Blind Black Black Death TheklaBristol
26/09/2015Evile Thrash Manchester Academy IIManchester
26/09/2015Reign Of Fury Metal Beat GeneratorDundee
26/09/2015Ugly Kid Joe Richards Crane Rock Rock UnderworldLondon
26/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy Button FactoryDublin
26/09/2015Architects of Chaoz Absolva Black Acid Souls Control The Storm Cypher16 Fury Huron Left For Red Architects Of Chaoz Scout Killers Silent Divide Soldier The Heretic Order Triaxis Warlord UK Heavy Metal Rock Rock Rock Heavy Unclassified Metal Metal Heavy Unclassified Heavy Heavy Metal Death Trowbridge Civic CentreTrowbridge
26/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices The King Is Blind Black Black Death WaterfrontNorwich
26/09/2015Corrupt Moral Altar Foetal Juice Winds Of Genocide Masochist Black Skies Burn Nihilism Incarnate Horse Bastard Gorehead Magpyes Siege Mentality Forged In The Furnace Of The Sun Doom/Drone/Stoner Death Hardcore Death Thrash Death Hardcore Death Hardcore Hardcore Grind The LomaxLiverpool
27/09/2015Reign Of Fury Dog Tired Metal Metal BannermansEdinburgh
27/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy Manchester Academy IIIManchester
27/09/2015Winterfylleth Voices The King Is Blind Black Black Death O2 Academy 2 IslingtonLondon
28/09/2015Enslaved Grand Magus Black Heavy Concorde 2Brighton
28/09/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified Ulster HallBelfast
29/09/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified OlympiaDublin
30/09/2015Annihilator Thrash O2 Academy 2 BirminghamBirmingham
30/09/2015Paradise Lost Rock Manchester Academy IIManchester
01/10/2015Annihilator Thrash Button FactoryDublin
01/10/2015Paradise Lost Rock GarageGlasgow
01/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified O2 Academy BournemouthBournemouth
02/10/2015Annihilator Thrash O2 ABC 2 GlasgowGlasgow
02/10/2015Wishbone Ash Rock THe HaymarketBasingstoke
02/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified HexagonReading
02/10/2015Hayseed Dixie Alternative Manchester AcademyManchester
03/10/2015Annihilator Thrash O2 Academy 2 SheffieldSheffield
03/10/2015Wishbone Ash Rock Islington Assembly HallLondon
03/10/2015Paradise Lost Rock Wulfrun HallWolverhampton
03/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified G LiveGuildford
04/10/2015Annihilator Thrash O2 Academy IslingtonLondon
04/10/2015Paradise Lost Rock KokoLondon
05/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified Aylesbury Waterside TheatreAylesbury
06/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified Victoria HallStoke On Trent
06/10/2015Hayseed Dixie Alternative The DuchessYork
07/10/2015Wishbone Ash Rock Assembly RoomsLeamington Spa
07/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified Lincoln Engine ShedLincoln
07/10/2015Hayseed Dixie Alternative Guildhall GloucesterGloucester
08/10/2015Hayseed Dixie Alternative The Live RoomsChester
09/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified York BarbicanYork
09/10/2015Mostly Autumn Rock Assembly RoomsLeamington Spa
09/10/2015The Stupids Thirty Six Strategies Punk Punk The AsylumBirmingham
09/10/2015Hayseed Dixie Alternative Holmfirth Picture DromeHolmfirth
10/10/2015Bullet For My Valentine Unclassified Music HallAberdeen
10/10/2015Benediction Cerebral Fix Anihilated Virus Decimate Slab Repulsive Vision Black Skies Burn Death Thrash Thrash Thrash Hardcore Hardcore Death Thrash The AsylumBirmingham
Displaying 201-300 of 409 result(s).