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DateBandsGenresVenue NameTown
19/07/2015Tim Ripper Owens Metal Tiki BarPlymouth
18/07/2015Sodomizer Burial Thrash Death The Black HeartLondon
18/07/2015Ded Orse Skeleton Victorian Whore Dogs Doom/Drone/Stoner Heavy Metal The FirehouseSouthampton
18/07/2015Satan Amulet Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Devulfish Lifeless Seven Sisters Wychhound Heavy Heavy Rock Rock Thrash Heavy Rock Hendon Rugby ClubLondon
18/07/2015Tim Ripper Owens Metal WaterfrontNorwich
18/07/2015Necrosis Body Harvest Today The Sun Dies Plague Rider The Colour Pink Is Gay Death Death Death Death Death Shadow SoundGlasgow
18/07/2015Vardis Diamond Head Heavy Rock Bush HallLondon
17/07/2015Blackened Ritual Dog Tired Disposable Lucifers Corpus Metal Metal Thrash Metal DownstairsAberdeen
17/07/2015Tim Ripper Owens Metal The GarageLondon
17/07/2015GBH Doom Punk Doom/Drone/Stoner Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
17/07/2015Necrosis Body Harvest Masochist Absolution Noise Abuse Death Death Death Death Grind The Old AngelNottingham
16/07/2015Korn Modern O2 Academy BrixtonLondon
16/07/2015Negative Plane Craven Idol Witchsorrow Black Black Doom/Drone/Stoner The Black HeartLondon
16/07/2015Tim Ripper Owens Metal Craufurd ArmsMilton Keynes
15/07/2015Anvil Dendera Rock Heavy O2 ABC 2 GlasgowGlasgow
14/07/2015Anvil Dendera Rock Heavy O2 Academy 2 SheffieldSheffield
13/07/2015Anvil Dendera Rock Heavy O2 Academy 3 BirminghamBirmingham
12/07/2015Terrorizer LA Iron Reagan SSS Grind Hardcore Thrash UnderworldLondon
12/07/2015Anvil Dendera Rock Heavy O2 Academy 2 IslingtonLondon
11/07/2015OHHMS The Grudge Victorian Whore Dogs Morass Of Molasses Pensevor Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Metal Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The UnicornLondon
11/07/2015Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell Rock The Union Bar formerly The TubmanHastings
11/07/2015Dead Before Mourning Metal Scream LoungeCroydon
11/07/2015Necrosis Sodomized Cadaver Strike Offensive Anoxide Death Death Thrash Thrash The FacebarReading
11/07/2015Lynus Koncept Dolls Eye Weaver Rock Metal Punk Scruffy Murphy'sBirmingham
10/07/2015Necrosis Kataleptic Sodomized Cadaver Rise of an Empire Death Death Death Death The GryphonBristol
09/07/2015Biohazard Hardcore UnderworldLondon
09/07/2015Hessian Opium Lord Palehorse Bong Cauldron Metal Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner The MacbethLondon
08/07/2015Biohazard Hardcore The Slade RoomsWolverhampton
08/07/2015Acrania Death Ivory BlacksGlasgow
07/07/2015Biohazard Hardcore The FleeceBristol
06/07/2015Biohazard Hardcore Think TankNewcastle
05/07/2015Acrania Death Tiki BarPlymouth
05/07/2015All Pigs Must Die Krokodil Throats Quiet Man Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore Hardcore UnderworldLondon
05/07/2015The Midnight Ghost Train Doom/Drone/Stoner Craufurd ArmsMilton Keynes
04/07/2015Ahab Esoteric Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Boston Arms Music RoomLondon
04/07/2015Acrania Death AudioBrighton
04/07/2015Iron Witch Pist Iced Out Forged In The Furnace Of The Sun Doom/Drone/Stoner Doom/Drone/Stoner Hardcore Grind Maguire's Pizza BarLiverpool
04/07/2015The Midnight Ghost Train Doom/Drone/Stoner CorporationSheffield
Displaying 301-338 of 338 result(s).