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Kin Hell fest

Photo courtesy of Em Coulter

This month saw 'kin Hell Fest take place in Leeds.  I've heard feedback from those that went to it saying it was an awesome event, but unfortunately for the promoters not enough people went and they lost some money.  When I say some money, I mean shit tons of money, I'm talking 5 figures, they've lost £12,000!!  The promoters spent a year pushing the event without corporate backing and have come away with a life changing debt.  Be it bad timing, other events going on the same weekend or whatever this is a crap situation to be in.

I just looked at the google analytics for this site and there were 20,871 visits on here last month looking for gigs to go to, of which 15,210 were unique visitors.  That's a lot of people and you know what we can do with a lot of people?  Help clear this debt between us without it costing us barely anything.  If every person that went on this site gave just £1 the debt would be clear.  Not everyone can afford £12,000 but i'm sure we can all afford £1, or better still why not £4 and have one less pint next time you go to a gig or a pub?  It won't make much of a difference to you, but it will make the world of difference to the promoters.  So far they've raised £1,300 of the £12,000 needed to clear this huge financial burden, why not go help them along by clicking here and making a donation no matter how small.  If you can't afford to give anything then please consider sharing this post, the more people that see it the higher the chance of donations.  Thank you.

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Paul Priest says:
Hey mate, just want to say a huge thank you for that post. It's so appreciated. We tried our best to mix the DIY ethic with something a little more outlandish and spectacular really, and, we know deep down there are tens of thousands of people into this stuff just in the north alone, let alone the rest of the country. I know there was a lot of other stuff going on, but, we were still confident. It was soul destroying that it didn't manage to fill the room, with that line up that we sweated blood over, almost literally over the weekend! People have been absolutely incredible so far in their support, their sharing, their encouragement, I just wanted to let you know how extremely grateful I am to you for the post.
Cheers, Paul / kHF
May 12, 2014 at 08:47 pm

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