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Thantifaxath sacred white noise

So this one's all about going insane, going, quite literally, off your noggin, dipping the nosecone of your flying machine and letting the tailspin take you where it will. Spiraling is the key word on this collection - the riffs like a lorryload of spinning tops tipped down a long, sweeping rubber corkscrew of a stairway, the drums frantic to follow every trajectory while an impossibly harsh whip-cracker screams and bellows to impose order on...

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The Wounded Kings Consolamentum

We breathe laments for those who destroy without pity or mercy - there is no hope; anguish gnaws on the glistening nerve, the soft pulp of our desperate desire to live - our only understanding is for the bleak acceptance that what fixes its gaze upon us will be our end, our doom - a new life is lived in those few heartbeats left to us, a terrible, swirling journey - but the hammer blow, when it comes, is swift, measured - delivered with...

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Conan Blood Eagle Review

I think it's the vocals. The vocals and the drums. The vocals, the drums and the guitar tone. But really, it's the vocals. Doom metal, like grindcore, is an inherently restrictive genre and the question is always: what distinguishes this band from another? And, on this album, Conan have found that elusive set of criteria.

The foundation stone, the building block are those astonishing dual vocals (Jon Davis/Phil Coumbe) developed since 'Horseback Battlehammer'- calling out from beyond the mountains, from below the oceans, echoing through the arctic tundra and the searing African...

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Bast spectres review

This album could only have come out in the here and now. With metals black, heavy and, especially DOOM melded and spliced together in such bravura fashion, Bast have created something that inches the boundaries of Metal ever further.

Vocals shriek from icy wastelands and bellow across vast plains, guitars ooze, ripple and gallop like warm tar, icicles and majestic steeds while the rhythm section is both crisp and...

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Indian From All Purity review

The Blues.  When I think of the classic description of Blues Music, I think of 'My woman left me, my truck broke down, I gambled and drank my pay away and my dog went under a car'. Now add to that list of woes 'My skin got sand-blasted off, my eye-sockets got scoured out, my woman emasculated me and I was forced to eat my dog' and that just about sums up the stomach wrenching vibe I'm channeling from this opus. This is harsh, pounding...

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