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Skepticism and Pantheist, St Giles In The Fields Church, London, 28th January 2012


Words and photos by Antony Roberts


Finland's Skepticism may have formed back in 1991 but they had never made it to the British Isles in the 21 years since their conception.  This last weekend brought about a halting to their abstinence, as they showcased a monstrous live performance in London.  


The setting was St Giles In The Fields Church in Holborn right in

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Conan Sea Bastard Dead Existence Pus Brighton Cowley Club live review gig listings metalgigs metal gigs

Conan/Dead Existence/Sea Bastard/Pus - Brighton Cowley Club - Saturday 21 January 2012

By Gary Lukes

Right from the start, The Cowley Club sets itself off as a little bit different. Waiting at the heavy entrance door for the doorbell to be answered, you’d be forgiven for expecting a rendezvous with some kind of clandestine coalition. However, rather than being greeted by some malefic, cowled figure, we are instead invited in by a friendly doorman, the venue inside presenting itself as somewhere between a drop-in centre and a bookshop, offering no actual stage. Most crucially, the acoustics seem clear and the foundations suitably sturdy. Which is the biggest relief of all, as tonight’s line-up will test both to their limit.

Unfortunately, we arrive just in time to hear Pus winding down their set of twisted, hateful sludge. Living up to their name, the South Wales act seep diseased, down-tuned destruction from their crusty, open wounds. Monstrous howls and driving percussion pulsating amongst

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Pentagram Horisont Purson Relentless garage live review metal gigs gig listings

Pentagram, Horisont, Purson, at the Highbury Garage, 9th December 2011

Words and Photos by Antony Roberts

Arriving at the Garage and there was a queue, a big queue, but that was to be completely expected.  This after all was the first time that doom legends Pentagram had played in the UK.  Can it really be 30 years with no dates on the British Isles? 

Whilst the crowd were trying to get in to the venue for this very special occasion, new London based group Purson were already showcasing their take on 70's rock.  Fans of Blood Ceremony will certainly lap them up.  Whilst I'm sure if this band get bigger singer Rosalie will be stealing a few of Christina Scabbia's vote's in Terrorizer's polls, a band can't rely on looks alone.  Thankfully musically they've got the

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Altar of plagues grumbling fur necro deathmort borderline 4th december 2011 live review metal gigs metalgigs gig listings

Live Review: Altar Of Plagues, Grumbling Fur, Necro Deathmort, Borderline London, 4th December 2011

Words and photos Antony Roberts

After watching Altar Of Plagues slay at Candlefest just a few weeks ago there was no way I was going to miss another chance to catch them again.  With such an amazing debut album (White Tombs) it was with baited breath that the metal world awaited the sophomore effort Mammal to come out this year.  Between the two gigs many Top XX albums of the year lists have come out from numerous blogs, sites and magazines and time and time again Mammal was right up there near the top of the lists.  Having already seen

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Trivium in flames ghost rise to remain insense plymouth metal gigs metalgigs gig listings review

Live Review: Defenders Of The Faith III - Trivium, In Flames, Ghost, Rise To Remain, Insense, Plymouth Pavillions 8th December 2011

Photos by Martin Thomas (

Words by Julian Dark

The Defenders of the Faith juggernaut rolls into a wet and windy Plymouth for the final night of their seven date tour, the five band strong line-up providing a veritable feast of top notch metal for the discerning West Country gig aficionado.

Kicking off proceedings shortly after the 6 O’clock news has just gone to air, Insense set the tone for the night with a powerful 20-25 minute slot. Their crushingly heavy, no frills, sound resonates well with the hardcore fans that are in situ from the start, with frontman Tommy Hjelm soon building an excellent rapport with the

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