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Top 15 metal demos of 2014 end of year list

Last week writer Gary Lukes bought you his top 15 EPs of 2014. Today may we present to you his list of the top 15 demos that came out last year. We have to agree that number 1 is killer, had it on repeat at metalgigs HQ since it came out.

15. Adversary - Adversary

Feral black metal with a festering...

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Top 15 eps of 2014 end of year list gary lukes metal death black doom

There were a lot of albums released in 2014 and often singles, EPs, and demos get overlooked in the sea of output. Regular site contributor Gary Lukes waded through the shorter (and not so shorter) releases that 2014 gave us to bring you his top 15 essential EPs of the year...

15. Pist - Riffology

Mancunian groove-merchants Pist wield a firm handle on hard rocking, riffy stoner; providing the ideal summer soundtrack for the...

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Top ten albums of the year 2014 colum bell end of year list metal grind back doom

2015 is here but that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a look back at some of the finest albums put out in 2014. Site contributor Colum Bell gives us the lowdown on what he considers to be the finest releases of last year...

10. Orange Goblin - Back From the Abyss

Orange Goblin return with Back From the Abyss which up the ante and proves why...

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Matthew Green Top 10 albums 2014 metal end of year list metal gigs

Matthew Green sent over his Top 10 albums of 2014 but after he commented "now i look at it, it's not the worlds most underground top 10 but it is at least honest!".  So here is his list, honest and no f**** given...

Top 10 Albums of 2014

by Matthew Green

Honourable mentions to...

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Nick Wallwork Winterfylleth

It's hot outside.  Some might say too hot, but moaning is a favourite pastime of the British.  What better way to bring yourself down than a decent slice of death doom.  Nick Wallwork from the English Black Metal band Winterfylleth hit us up with his Top 10 albums of the death doom persuasion.

As always...

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