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Faith No More Sunday 8th July 2012

Hammersmith Apollo, London


Words by Antony Roberts


Support band Guano Podano sounded like a 3 piece film soundtrack band, with lots and lots of Hank Marvin style tremolo added.  Whilst their shimmering tones would have worked perfectly adding atmosphere to a Tarantino or Lynch desert scene most of the crowd were unappreciative, with practically everyone around us nattering away to each other.  It was only when Mike Patton briefly appeared onstage to do vocals for "Prairie Fire" that the audience responded anything beyond it's previous polite applause and actually took interest.  


There's a long 45 minute gap between Guano Padano and Faith No More.  The entire stage was decked out in white, amps are covered in sheets, even the keyboards are white and an entourage of staff/roadies shuffled back and forth bringing on flowers, and more flowers, and more flowers (see the videos, it looked like a florists display by the time everything was set up!).


The band walked out in all white suits and what looked like Yoga meditation outfits, and start into the instrumental "Woodpecker From Mars" before


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