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Top 15 metal albums of 2012

When Colum isn't turning up late to review gigs in his home town of Brighton you'll generally find him hidden in the darkness of the crowd on the lower floor of the Camden Underworld.  A lover of all things Japanese, his tastes in metal are as wide as his world travels, but regardless of genre it's the impeccable pick of the crop.

Top 15 albums of 2012

Conan’s first full length debut is certainly the primal barbarian riff fest that we were all hoping for. You can’t just can’t help headbanging to tracks such as Battle in the Swamp! The albums success has helped propel them to being one of the most talked about underground bands around! Slay some orcs and raise your tankards to Conan...

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Down London Camden Roundhouse Review live metal show gigFirst up at the Roundhouse were Texans Warbeast, a band signed to Phil Anselmo's label Housecore Records back in 2010. With a new album due out in February the band were keen to air some of the newer tracks and so the set was split between songs from the forthcoming album and their debut. I'd only heard a track or 2 before tonight and, whilst Phil obviously rates them that highly he signed them, I found them to be fairly dull. Don't get me wrong, the pedigree and history of the band members is steeped in metal and they are all very accomplished as musicians. The guitarists were shredding solos, and the drummer's fills and rolls were tight; however it 

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Bloodstock crowd

Bloodstock 2012: Saturday

Words by Nicholas Holmes, Gary Lukes and Antony Roberts

Benediction walk on stage (or should that be hobble - Dave Hunt had a broken foot) to greet us for what they described as "a Death Metal breakfast".  Well "please sir can I have some more?", because if breakfast was like the set Benediction treated us to then I'd be jumping out of bed every morning.

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Bloodstock Crowd metal gigs gig listings

Bloodstock Metal Madness  – Day Tickets Now On Sale!

After last year's amazing Bloodstock Festival (see our review here) Nick Holmes takes a moment to refresh why you NEED to go this year:


As the crappy washout of a summer continues, there are less than four weeks until thousands of serious metal-heads land in rural Derbyshire for this year's Bloodstock Festival. The grounds of Catton Hall, Walton-On-Trent will be rocking and moshing to possibly the best line-up the event has had so far.


It features a wide mix of bands crossing the rock and metal spectrum, from the Satanic spectacles of Watain and Norwegian black metal pioneers Mayhem – both playing in daylight! - to the UK comeback of Nergal and his Polish comrades in Behemoth and part-time golfer, full-time legend and godfather of schlock rock, Alice Cooper! Not forgetting Robb “Lord Browneye” Flynn and Machi

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Full Moon Dog Festival Leeds Cockpit Orange Goblin metalgigs gig listings metal gigs

Full Moon Dog Festival takes place this year on Saturday 13th October at the Cockpit in Leeds.  The line up is already looking amazing with a headliner yet to be announced playing after Orange Goblin.


Here's the press release details, definitely one to get yourselves to.


Full Moon Dog Festival’ was launched last year; the festival was created 

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