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Hammer Smashed Fest 2013 Electrowerkz London

Check this line up out! Along with Terrorizer we're proud to be one of the sponsors for Hammer Smashed Fest!! This September 22nd 2013 the Electrowerkz in London plays host to Hammer Smashed Fest, a grind/death metal alldayer headlined by an exclusive UK show from Brutal Truth.   The line up so far is Extreme Noise Terror, Psycroptic, Hour of Penance, Dyscarnate, Exhumer, Corrupt Moral Altar, The Atrocity Exhibit, Unfathomable Ruination, Acrania and Anoxide with more bands yet to be confirmed.

Early Bird tickets are...

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Psycroptic european tour uk dates hour of penance dyscarnate

Tasmanian tech-death metallers Psycroptic have just announced they are heading over from Australia for a european tour that includes several dates in the the UK.  The tour support comes from Italians Hour Of Penance and the UK's very own Dyscarnate.  Hour of Penance guitarist Giulio Moschini commented: “We’re extremely happy to tour again with our friends in Psycroptic and Dyscarnate and most of all to play again in Europe after the successful tour we did with Cannibal Corpse, Devildriver and The Black Dahlia Murder in February. For the first time, Hour of Penance will also play in Ireland! Be there!“

The tour hits the UK for 5 dates including dates outside England in Ireland, Scotland and Wales (promoters please take note, metallers don't just live in London!!)

Dates are as follows...

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Obituary London Garage reviewLast time I saw Obituary was 18 years ago and during my teenage years 3 albums were on constant loop on my old faithful tape player, Slowly We Rot, Cause Of Death and The End Complete.  As soon as they announced a tour playing songs exclusively from those first 3 albums there wasn't a chance in hell I was going to miss the tour on it's UK date. 

With my wallet still bleeding from 2 gigs in the last 3 days (Neurosis and Scott Kelly) it was time for another 3+ hour journey from the doors of my full time job to the

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Obituary uk europe tour 5th december 2012 garage highbury london gig listings

Obituary have announced a string of european dates including one UK date in London at the Garage on 5th December 2012.  Of more excitement is the tour is billed as the "Rotting Slow In Europe" and the band will be playing material from the 89-92 albums Slowly We Rot, Cause Of Death and The End Complete.  Not only this but support is confirmed as Macabre, Psycroptic and The Amenta!  Tickets are sure to sell out pretty fast for this so get yours here now.

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