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The Lumberjack Feedback

French quintet The Lumberjack Feedback who feature 2 drummers will be heading over from Lille for a few dates in South England in July.  The UK dates are part of a European tour promoting their new album "Hand of Glory" which is due for release on Kaotoxin Records on July 2nd 2013.  Various preorder packages are available from the Kaotoxin bandcamp page here. The Lumberjack Feedback play the following UK dates...

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Savage Messiah Carlisle Hastings 4th august 2012 live review bloodstock warm up

Savage Messiah are playing Bloodstock this coming weekend and so they pulled out all the stops to play a warm up gig in guitarist Joff's hometown of Hastings.


First band up were local thrashers Vulgate.  Their vocal style reminded me at times of a cross between Venom and Kreator.  It bordered on old school death growls whilst retaining that raspyness of their German contempories, and the music has elements of classic early Testament and Exodus.  They have a stage confidence which surpasses their young age, and their take on classic speed metal manages to inject technicality without sacrificing the songs themselves.  This is something I wish

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Savage Messiah bloodstock warm up carlisle hastings

Earache Record's Savage Messiah have announced a pre-Bloodstock warm up show in guitarist Joff Bailey's home town of Hastings on Saturday 4th August.  The seaside town is home to the infamous biker pub The Carlisle, and it's upstairs at said venue that the show will take place.  Tickets are priced at £5.00 and support comes from local female fronted rock/metal act Blackdown and thrashers Vulgate.

Following a hugely succesful tour with Evile earlier in the year and

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