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Deathcrusher tour 2015

The second Deathcrusher tour 2015 UK date featuring Carcass, Obituary, Voivoid and Herod has been announced and it's at Barrowlands in Glasgow on 24th October 2015. The day entitled Lords of the Land Festival 2015 will afeature the Deathcrusher tour as it's own stage at the Barrowlands Ballroom taking place between 5-11pm (14+ show). As well as this there will an early show at Audio from 12-4 (bands to be ann

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Roadburn 2012


Metalgigs will be away at Roadburn for the next week.


Site creator Antony will be helping shoot and update the Roadburn website with lots of photos over the festival, so why not head to www.roadburn.com to catch up on what's happening.  This year's line up is amazing as always with Sleep, Yob, Necros Christos, Disembowelment, Agalloch, Ulver, Voivod, The Obsessed, Jesu and many, many more.


We will be continuing to update facebook and twitter whilst away so why not like/follow us to stay in touch with all the goings on...





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candlemass roadburn 2011

Candlemass opened proceedings and owned the stage, walking on to Marche Funebre then straight into Mirror Mirror.  They started off with Robert Lowe singing but after around 5 songs he then asked if the audience wanted to see something they’d never seen before. He was going to do a magic trick and said watch me disappear offstage, before leaving and I started to get very excited...

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